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I discovered Bev Roberts Rentals & Property Management on the internet. Initially I chose them because they were a medium sized family run company. I was not disappointed. Nick Roberts ensured our property was listed professionally on various websites and he kept me informed regarding comments made by potential tenants after each showing. He was responsive to my calls and questions. After the tenant signed the contract on Friday afternoon, we had until Monday to find a professional carpet cleaner. Nick had one cleaning the carpet that same Friday night. It was a relief to have Nick take care of all the details.
Julia Stoddard, Landlord
Oct 04 2014
(Referred by: Internet)
My husband and I had plans to move and rent out our home beginning 13-Sep-14. When the job offer we knew he was getting fell through, we panicked and withdrew our property. However, just 3 days later, another job offer came through, and we were ready to rent out the property again. Nick Roberts, of Bev Roberts Rentals was instrumental throughout this process. He worked diligently to show our home to interested tenants, and he constantly kept us informed about status of showings, applications, etc. After we decided to put the place back up for rent, Nick was able to offer it to the same tenants who were previously interested, making the paperwork process a breeze. I am fully confident in Bev Roberts Rentals to care for and manage our property while we are living 3 hours away.
Brynn Barker, Landlord
Sep 24 2014
(Referred by: Real Estate Agent)
After researching and interviewing 3 experienced property management companies, it became clear to us who we felt most comfortable with. I am very happy to say that we have not been disappointed with our choice. Bev Roberts and her team have been professional, accommodating and a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. I recommend her services, without reservation, to anyone who is seeking high quality property management.
Gabe Stepanic, Landlord
Aug 07 2014
(Referred by: Website)
Bev Roberts and her entire staff are consummate professionals! Very prompt to answer questions and always on top of every detail concerning your rental/home.
John McDonough, Landlord
Aug 02 2014
(Referred by: Real Estate Agent)
Nick, our rental agent, is awesome. He is knowledgeable, supportive, easily accessible and was able to rent our property within a very short time. If you want to rent your home, ask for Nick and you will get excellent service.
Roseline, Landlord
Jun 14 2014
(Referred by: Internet)
Nick, Thank you for making our renting process so seamless. I talked with other companies prior to working with you and I can tell you Bev Roberts Rentals is 3 steps above the rest. I will certainly refer friends to you. Look forward to seeing you soon! Sincerely, Erin
Erin Woody Merritt, Tenant
May 05 2014
Bev and Staff,I can't tell you how much it means to my family and I of how much you all helped us get into a house this year. Having three dogs was a huge challenge, and we really appreciate your efforts. Hope you guys have a wonderful Holiday Season as well and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.
Chris Schiro and Family, Tenant
Dec 11 2013
We had a great experience with Bev Roberts Rentals. The employee Craig is very responsive and efficient. Our property was on the market sitting empty for a month. Craig found the perfect tenant for us within one week. All the staff are very friendly, reachable and helpful. They answer phone calls during weekends. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good property management company.
Emily, Landlord
Nov 30 2013
(Referred by: Google)
I hired Bev Roberts to rent my property that had been on the market and sitting empty for a year. Within one week Bev found the perfect tenant. They moved in the following week. Bev had taken on all the stress of renting a home and handling the property management as well. She has done a great job. I highly recommend Bev Roberts and her team to manage your personal property and your rental properties. Thanks Bev.
Anne Impemba, Landlord
Nov 22 2013
(Referred by: Friend)
I would highly recommend Bev Roberts Rentals! Bev and her team are very responsive and that's something that's extremely critical when it comes to getting your house on the market quickly, placing tenants and keeping them (and the landlord)happy! If you interview others, you will quickly find that she stands out above the rest!
Sue, Landlord
Nov 05 2013
(Referred by: Our Website)
After handling the management of our own rentals for many years we decided to try Bev Roberts Rentals. We have been so happy with them. They have been great finding and placing tenants in lightening quick time. I've worked with both Bev and Nick and have been tremendously happy with both of them. They are just the best!
M J Bradley, Landlord
Nov 05 2013
(Referred by: Internet)
Thanks to Bev Roberts Rentals and especially to Craig. I am impressed with your efficiency and strong commitment to clients.

Joseph Zhao, Landlord
Oct 25, 2013
Bev is one of the most responsive Property Managers I have ever dealt with.

Scott Korbin, Real Estate Agent
Oct 14 2013
(Referred by: Internet)
As a first time landlord, I had many, many questions about the process, pros/cons, risks, etc. Craig very patiently answered all my questions and guided me through the process every step of the way. I most impressed with his response time. Evry phone call and email was answered promptly and issues and questions were resolved quickly. Excellent service, and a great investment.
Mark Yousik, Landlord
Aug 08 2013
(Referred by: Internet)
My wife and I had always been interested in real estate and investment properties, but for years, we were hesitant because of the headaches we thought would come with being landlords. As we started to think about it again earlier this year, though, we educated ourselves on the advantages of working with a property manager, which include advertising, general maintenance requests, and many other benefits that eliminate the potential headaches we were fearing. We noticed that one of the property management companies, Bev Roberts Rentals, had some very nice write-ups and we reached out to Bev directly. Not only was Bev very responsive, but she listened to what we wanted and paired us with a realtor who could find the exact type of property that would suit our needs. Once we found the property, it was extremely easy to work with Bev and her team and we had a very qualified tenant signed in less than a week. So far, the experience could not be easier and we know we made the right decision to engage Bev Roberts Rentals.
Michael and Leah Leynor, Landlord
Jul 22 2013
(Referred by: Our Website)
I am a first time landlord and was originally planning on managing the property myself, but was referred to Bev Roberts by a good friend after discussing the time I already had invested in the property preparing it for rent. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of finding a tenant and showing the home frequently, so I called in the pros. They knew the market and what my place could attract renters at pricewise better than I did. As a result, my property was listed within an hour of my contract signature for more than i was planning to ask. They were able to find a qualified tenant quickly. I am very pleased so far.
Greg Friedman, Landlord
Jul 20 2013
(Referred by: Friend)
Amy, please let everyone know we are enjoying the house and would like to take a moment and congratulate your office for making this process professional and seamless. Thanks again, talk to you soon.
Erick Grissom, Tenant
Jun 28, 2013
My wife and I dealt with Craig Brockman ... very courteous and professional. We've leased from others in both Delaware and Myrtle Beach and take it from us ... you won't find a better rental management company! The home we found thru them was gorgeous, we had zero problems, and our deposit was returned to us in a very timely fashion. Trust me when I say, You will love their properties and dealing with this rental management company! Thank you, Craig, for all you've done!
Brian Bolen, Tenant
May 10 2013
(Referred by: Our Website)
Bev has done a fabulous job of renting out my property. She keeps me informed and has been very proactive. I couldn't ask for more.
Cindy Elder, Landlord
May 01 2013
(Referred by: Real Estate Agent)
I would like to thank Bev Roberts Rentals for a wonderful "renting experience". They were always responsive to our needs, and they typically went out of their way to ensure that the financial end ran smoothly. They responded quickly to us when it was time for us to vacate. They were always professional and helpful. Amy, the executive assistant was efficient, helpful and always a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Bev Roberts Rentals if you are considering renting in the Cary area. Thank you!
Candace and Doug Snyder, Tenant
Apr 28 2013
(Referred by: Real Estate Agent)
We received your check for refund of our security deposit in the mail today. Thanks very much. We just wanted to tell you how much we’ve enjoyed having you as our rental management company. You handle everything well and are very responsive to maintenance needs. Thanks so much.
Robert and Sally Sadler, Tenant
Feb 20 2013
(Referred by: Past Tenant)
I just wanted to thank you for sending my security deposit check in such a timely manner! Also, thank you for the last 3 years always being helpful and so professional. I am sure that in the future if I need to rent my property, I know who to go to get a good service. Please say thanks to your team for me and I wish all of you the best.
Mitra Ajdari, Tenant
Feb 04 2013
(Referred by: Past Tenant)
I was referred to Bev Roberts Rentals by my real estate agent and boy do I owe her a favor. The professionalism of the employees, and prompt service they provide is great. Listing the property was fast and painless, the property was leased in a month and all the details were covered by my agent Craig........he is good! If you need to rent a property in the Raleigh/Cary area you really should give this company a try.
Rick Coyte, Landlord
Feb 01 2013
(Referred by: Real Estate Agent)
My wife and I bought a house in Apex in the fall of 2008, just as the recession was gathering steam. Our original plan was to move in sometime early in 2009. But even if we’d been able to sell our home in Massachusetts then, we would have taken a big loss. So we decided to “sit tight” until the market recovered. But to make it all work, we would have to rent our Apex home until then. We called Bev Roberts Rentals in Cary, and that was probably the best call we made. For about three years, we not only had fully screened and responsible renters, but Bev and her office administrator, Amy Welsh, were able to deal with any question, fix any problem, and provide assistance for any situation. Quite simply, Bev’s office “did it all.” For a very reasonable 8% fee, she marketed our house, screened prospective tenants, arranged for inspections and cleanings, arranged leases and rental agreements, collected rents, and provided us with all receipts and accountings that we needed to file our taxes. Indeed, until we finally moved in late 2012, we never went a full month without rental income from what’s now–finally!–our home in Apex. It simply would not have been possible without help and oversight from Beverly and Amy. We are very grateful for their help and highly recommend Roberts Rentals to anyone thinking of maintaining a rental property in the Triangle–either for income or as a future home, or both!
David C., Landlord
Jan 16 2013
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